Welcome to the Belaku blog


This is the new blog for the Belaku Trust. Welcome!

We plan to regularly post updated information here about our activities, plans, people in the villages where we work and our staff and volunteers. We would welcome feedback from you, both about the value of a having such blog as well as anything you find on it that merits comment.

For a start, this a brief note to bring the website up to date.

Community action and research

There are now three women’s income generation groups, the most recent, Ushe, having started up towards the end of 2007; the women in this group have been trained in embroidery and simple sewing and have begun to produce attractive items which sell well and supplement family incomes.

The collaboration with the government’s Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) programme continues, with well trained gelathis in each of six anganwadis (pre-school centres). These women are chosen by the local community, trained by Belaku staff and help the children learn through games, songs and play activities.  They also visit women and their families, with special attention paid to pregnant and lactating women.The programme is set to expand soon, with some of the gelathis taking over as trainers.

We plan to resume the programme to provide nutrition and reproductive health information to adolescents, collaboration with another organisatioon workin in the area of primary education.

A study of the quality of care in the obstetric period has been underway since August 2006, with Asha Kilaru, Baneen Karachiwala and Tejaswini coordinating it, and is nowat the exciting stage of analysis. Added to Belaku’s educational material is a Kannada Guide to care in pregnancy and childbirth that they have produced.


As our work becomes more widely known, we have received requests to collaborate on a variety of issues. Asha Kilaru has been working closely with a network centred in New Delhi that is coordinating a multi-centre study of Institutional Deliveries, Saraswathy Ganapathy is on the board of advisors of the newly set up Institute for Public Health and our involvement with The National Rural Health Mission continues.

Volunteers and supporters

We have continued to have a steady flow of volunteers, bringing new perspectives and invaluable help. We are also most fortunate in the assistance we receive in many ways from many friends and supporters, whose belief in us sustains us in our work and dreams.

The response from the community and the women’s groups also strengthens our belief that our work is of value to the community and of benefit to the least privileged. With the help of the community, we continue to adapt our approach to find one that will be a coordination of our various activities and thus more effective and likely to succeed and be sustained. We look forward to your collaboration in this attempt and to your responses to this new venture, our blog.


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