Annual Appeal Launched


Belaku has been working in the community around Kanakapura for the past 16 years (quite some time!!!). Much has been achieved during this time. Women have learnt skills and crafts which bring them income and, more importantly, self-confidence; children’s health and education have improved; and families have acquired information about health and their rights.

Of course, we cannot run our projects without funding, in-kind support and volunteer contributions from our wonderful supporters.

And so, every year during the festive season we ask our supporters to make donations. Here is an idea of what the funds from this appeals means to us:

  • R500 (US$10) supports the education of rural children through visits to museums and historical sites.
  • R2000 (US$40) will support a community health care worker for one month and in doing so improve the provision of local health care.
  • R20,000 (US$400) will give 24 women and their families a livelihood by supporting the training, marketing and production costs of our Women’s Income Generation groups for one month.

If you can support our work, please click on the donate link at the top of this page.


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