About the Joy of Giving Week

Joy of Giving Week is a special week which aims to bring people from all walks of life; together to get involved with a cause(s) of their choice. It will be a concerted effort across companies, celebrities, business heads, NGOs, schools, colleges, and the ‘general public, to promote “giving”. The Week is slated from 2nd October to 8th October 2012, and more than 1 crore Indians from all over India are expected to participate and get engaged in “acts of giving”.

About the ‘Food for Change’ event

1. A gala evening of fun, food and entertainment coordinated by Bangalore Cares and the Bangalore JGW team of volunteers

2. Entertainment by eminent artistes

3.100% of your donation comes to us to help us improve and expand our services

Each donor pass is Rs.5000.

Donations are to be made by cheque, DD, net-banking or online. Cheques have to be made favoring The Belaku Trust and donors will be provided with 80G (50 %) receipts. Please contact us at for any clarifications and bank details.

About us

Belaku has worked in Kanakapura villages for the past 17 years. Our major aim is to improve health but we realize that this cannot be done as an isolated exercise. The health of people from poor families is closely linked with social and cultural issues like illiteracy, no access to reliable information, poverty and discrimination of various sorts — all of which have to be addressed in order to effect improvements in health.

We believe that:

a. The only way permanent change can occur is if the community itself recognises their situation, believes change is possible, has the tools to bring about change and has the support of groups like ours.
b. Where public services exist, it is important to improve the way they function rather than to replace them.
c.Bringing about change in policies and programmes requires good documentation and research, which should go hand-in-hand with implementation of projects in the field.

Our current major programmes aim to have an impact on health through different approaches.

1.Community Health Worker (Gelathis

Working with the community via Gelathis (local women trained by Belaku) who work on different aspects of health and development: in government pre-schools, with women and their families on healthy practices during pregnancy and through the child’s early years.

2. Income generation groups

Women in three villages have learnt new skills and make handicrafts: Kirana produces handmade paper from recycled waste paper, Deepa makes block printed fabric and various products like scarves and Ushe does embroidery and quilting. Their incomes have increased and even more important, their own self-confidence and their status in their homes and villages has grown amazingly.

3. Summer camps

We involve older children and adolescents in camps held during the summer where they are exposed to ideas about health, environment and gender through games, computer programmes and films.

We also conduct research on issues that are relevant to the communities we work with, such as determinants of maternal health, infant nutrition, adolescent knowledge of reproductive health and legal issues.

In addition we give scholarships to girls, bring children to Bangalore to go to the theatre and visit cultural sites, help with medical care for those in need and give loans to women to buy livestock like goats, sheep and cows.

In order to raise some much needed funds to support all our programs,Belaku Trust is participating in the ‘Food for change’ event being held on Oct 6th at SAP Labs,Whitefield.This is a relatively easy way for us to raise funds, as compared to organizing a charity dinner on our own, and we would hate to let the opportunity slip by.

Enjoy an evening of fine dining and entertainment knowing that your support is going to a worthy cause!


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